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We Clean Up Destructive Roof Moss

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Roof Moss Removal

Possibly you have contacted the roofing material manufacturer or the roofing contractor and they all told, "You need to replace your roof.", but that is not true, they just want you to spend the money on a new roof.

Why do that when your roof can be cleaned for a fraction of the cost of replacement?

Do you have moss eating away and damaging your roof? Is it clogging up your gutters? Your home foundation could become jeopardized. This could eventually be the cause of your basement flooding. Did you know that moss holds moisture against your roof which can cause it to leak.

The Benefits of a Clean Roof

  • It will cost you a fraction of the cost of replacement and will lower your utility bills as roof stains absorb heat in the summer - due to increased use of air-conditioner.
  • Increases property value and reduces the chance of doubts about roof quality especially for prospective home buyers and inspectors.