Roof Restoration

Specializing in roof inspections, Eco-cleaning and damage repair. Only Eco-friendly, non-chemical products are used guaranteeing a longer life for your roof and a safe water run off that will not in anyway damage your environment or animals.

Window Washing

Windows are only treated with soft brush or hand cleaned ensuring that no water damage will be caused by high pressure hoses.

Gutter Cleaning & Repair

Gutters are inspected for debris buildup and completely cleaned out. Seams are checked for any leakage and gutter guards can be attached to prevent any further leaves plugging up these gutters.

Power Washing

At Tim Solutions we offer Power Washing service allowing for your property to acquire a new look. Which after we seal it to protect it from mother nature.

Cleaning & Sealing All Surfaces

In our practice we use premium Eco-friendly, non-toxic, and odor-free products.

Snow Guard Installation

Snow Guards help prevent large amounts of snow and ice from sliding off of your steep pitched roofs. These inexpensive safety stops can be easily installed to prevent large sized pieces of ice and snow sliding off your roof.


As an example, one of the other services we offer is zinc strips installation to prevent moss regrowth.